We the kitchenitemz team is passionate about helping everyday cooks and chefs find cookware that will make them happier, healthier and mealtimes within reach.

Why kitchenitemz Was Created

This website has been designed to help chefs cook healthfully within the reality of everyday living. We share reviews of cookware and loads of research supported tips & tricks – that can help you address the common cookware challenges and empower confidence in your inner chef.

What We Believe In

Our goal for kitchenitemz is to be a place where anyone who cooks can find helpful, positive and actionable advice that can have an immediate and lasting impact in their lives and their kitchen.

Our motto revolves around three founding principles:

  1. Be Healthy – We believe that health doesn’t have to come at a cost. We aim to provide healthy options whenever possible. Healthy living is our top priority.
  2. Take Action – Learning is great. But taking action is better. Our content is action focused and we make it easy for you to implement what you learn.
  3. Resource Saving – We’re focused on saving you resources. Whether this comes in the form of dollars or time, or decision making brain power. We’re here to give you the low down and save you resources in the long run.

What Makes Us Special?

We focus on action.

Kitchenitemz not only provides you more knowledge, but specifically actionable knowledge. Every piece of content strives to give you set instructions to follow along for maximum benefit to your life. Because we know, it’s only when you take action will your life change.

We Welcome All Feedback

Feedback is how kitchenitemz improves. It’s based on your feedback that we have such great content and updated articles.

If ever you have a chance, drop us a line here.

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Wishing you a lifetime of healthy cooking.

To your cooking adventures.

TEAM Kitchenitemz