Best Chef Knife Under 100 Dollars to buy in 2024

Being a multifunctional kitchen tool, a chef knife is indeed a jack of all trades. But there is no absolute choice as it largely varies according to personal preference & expertise. Yet you won’t like the aftermath of getting a cheap or poor-quality one. And if you are looking for the Best Chef Knife Under 100 bucks, then you are in the right place.

We looked into numerous chef knives from different brands. It is obviously a difficult task to go through such a huge number of choices, even narrowing down the budget. Emphasizing the construction, features & serviceability, the best chef knives under $100 is brought here. Covering the basic details, we hopeful about helping you to find your perfect assistant for kitchen slicing & dicing job.

Before getting down to the reviews, let’s check out the factors based on which we made our choice. Knowing them will also help you while buying one from the local store.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Budget-friendly Chef Knife

There are certain factors controlling the quality of a good chef knife. Take a look at the criteria before buying to have the best chef knife for under 100.

  • Price: It is essential to maintain the quality compare to the budget. Therefore, we have listed a few budget friendly chef knives review that will help you choose the best budget chef knife for your beautiful kitchen.
  • User Experience: An experienced person definitely knows his/her gear for comfortable & quick cutting. For beginners, it is difficult to choose the best without consulting someone good with the knife.
  • Sharpness: Sharpness is all that makes the knife useful. Sufficient sharpness for the intended recipe will deliver satisfactory cutting for sure.
  • Size: Knife size is indeed important when it comes to controlling & gripping. Suitable size as per the stuff to be cut down will do the job more accurately during work.
  • Edge Retention: Durability of the edge comes with edge retention technique. Almost all quality knives contain this common but extremely useful process to resist rust & corrosion on the edge.
  • Weight & Handle: To ensure proper balance & comfortable handling, lightweight construction of the knife is necessary. In the meantime, handle needs to have sufficient size to fit the palm for convenient operation with minimum fatigue.
  • Full Tang vs Partial Tang: Full tang holds good for occasional use as the steel remains exposed to the environment. Using partial tang has no such issues, despite having less strength than a full tang knife.
  • Bolster Bluff: The spine or back edge has sufficient sharpness which may lead to injurious cut with accidental sliding. Therefore, bolster bluff requires checking to ensure safe handling all over.


15 Best Chef Knives Under $100 Reviews

1. Chef Knife 8 Inch -German Steel – Best Chef Knife Under 100

Best Chef Knife Under 100


Crafted for functionality & comfortable use, this unit by Saglerinduces a professional level cut for the home cook. The chef knife is a multi-functional cutting, slicing & dicing your meal in suitable shape. Having a Japanese style, you will receive incredible cutting performance in the kitchen for sure. The tarnish-free stainless steel made up the knife with extreme rust resistance. The German stainless steel material stays sharp like new after numerous uses without getting dull. In fact, the forged blade offers supreme accuracy, safety & durability against its value. Whether it’s cutting or chopping, it can even cut out the meat off the bones. Balanced weight with razor-like sharpness, easy manipulation of the cut is quite easy. The handle shape comes with a fitting design to ensure a secure grip for handling even when wet. Therefore, a longer cutting session becomes safer than ever with maximized efficiency. Being arrived in a gift box, this best chef knife for the money suits for a surprise gift to the family & friends.

  • Great style with superb performance.
  • Heavy-duty construction strengthened the body.
  • Fitting grip with safe operation & handling.
  • Superior accuracy with rust resistance.
  • Incredible edge retention after long uses.
  • No silicone coating on the grip.
  • The guard is considerably thin.

2. Wanbasion Matte Black Titanium Plated Knife Set – Multi-Purpose Chef Knife

Multi-Purpose Chef Knife


The matte black production of Wanbasion comes with 6 pieces set for the professional cook. It comes with an 8” chef knife. 8” carving knife, 8” bread knife 7” Santoku knife, 5” utility knife & 3.5” paring knife. Each one has own functions to perform and you can cover a wide range of kitchen activities using this single set. The high-quality construction meets the safety standards for food & hygiene. Not to mention, the multi-purpose chef knife is the ultimate set to meet the different cutting & slicing requirements at once. With titanium metal for the stainless steel, each piece comes with extreme hardness undergoing no bend or breakage. Dual-layered protection with independent sleeve makes this one of the best chefs knife under 100 for the kitchen. In fact, the combination retains the sharpness all along, thanks to the grinding technology. No scratch or rust is going to take place on the forged body, even after continuous or prolonged use.

  • Quality stainless steel body with durability.
  • Titanium coating for rust & corrosion resistance.
  • Wide applicability through the complete set.
  • The easy cleanup task for simple maintenance.
  • Superb sharpness using grinding technology.
  • No tang knife is available in the set.
  • Poor maintenance lowers the sharpness.

3. Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef’s Knife – Stylish Chef Knives

Stylish Chef Knives


The beautifully crafted knife offers great output when it comes to fish & meat. In addition, it induces great deal slicing & dicing all common kinds of vegetables as well. But a good cook needs a good vegetable chopper. The 7” Asian stylechef’s knife suits commercial applications and preferred by numerous professional chefs. The stainless steel body, having Cromova 18 technique comes with a high rating of about 56 – 58 on Rockwell hardness. It ensures superb harness & strength. With high tech chromium, vanadium & molybdenum coating, you are likely to receive one of the most durable blades for the ergonomic design. Having the perfect combination, it is sturdy enough to retain the sharpness & soft enough to make a whetstone sharpening. In the meantime, the straightened edge with large & prominent size increases the overall sharpness here. Dimpled molding for the steel handle has balancing sand, encouraging a safe grip. Therefore, these stylish knives are nimble & quite easy to control & drive even for beginners.

  • Incredible design for better ergonomics.
  • Forged steel induces longevity & sharpness.
  • A unique handling grip offers further control.
  • Large-sized edge for increased sharpness.
  • Easy driving of knife using the balanced grip.
  • Not very suitable for harder vegetables.
  • Grip seems small for large-handed users.

4. Astercook Chef Knife– Professional Kitchen Knife


Professional Kitchen Knife


This is Newild’s  best chef knife under 100 dollars to give a proper reason to love to your kitchen cutting job. The 8” blade with German stainless steel construction contains a high amount of carbon. Therefore, you will get extreme hardness & longevity while doing the cutting work. The manual edge, being smooth & least adhesive, no falling off meat or vegetable will occur. In fact, 16 – 18 degrees angled cut offers a neat & quick slicing output. Quenching & forging at high temperature imparts tenacity & resists possible rusting & corrosion. It ensures a steady & convenient performance on different types of foodstuffs. Comfortable pakkawood handle with incredible versatility while manual polishing induces great style. The grip provides soft handling without putting up heavy fatigue on the arms. The professional kitchen knife is not dishwasher safe, but you can go for hand cleaning through mild cleanser. Therefore, washing the knife is simple & requires no extra maintenance.

  • Sufficient blade length for heavy cutting.
  • Rustproof high carbon steel construction.
  • The lightweight body provides less fatigue.
  • Precise forging with high tenacity & hardness.
  • Smooth angled edge retains the sharpness.
  • Glue may come out of the gripping seams.
  • Engraved design is made using LASER.

5. Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 Inch – High-Quality Kitchen Knives

Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 Inch
Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 Inch


Whether it’s culinary, catering, professional or ordinary applications, this multipurpose 8” knife seems ideal. This Imarku creation as a multi-functional knife to perform the task within seconds giving no trouble. With 0.6 – 0.75% carbon, for the stainless steel, you will have the perfect functionality retained for a long time. Attaining about 56 – 58 on the HRC scale, these high-quality kitchen knives prove their worth in its class. The high-quality steel induces supreme hardness to resist breakage or bend. Meanwhile, the 16 – 18% chromium addition provides a glossy finishing without getting faded or tarnished. You will receive the best cuts having optimum accuracy even with the toughest task. The handle, being made of Pakka wood, induce greater stability, balance & comfort while handling. With suitable sizing, it reduces the possible fatigue you are likely to have over prolonged cutting session.

  • Greater durability & cutting strength.
  • High tech body imparts functionality.
  • No breakage or bend will take place.
  • Extremely sturdy for professional works.
  • Comfortable grip for easier handling.
  • No juggling is possible using the knife.
  • Handle-side metal is of poor quality.

6. DALSTRONG Chef Knife – Dalstrong Chef Knives

best chef knives under $100


Stunning design teams with premium materials for this outstanding product with cutting-edge techniques. Dalstrong crafted a great knife for bringing professional cutting performance. Through German steel construction, the durability & strength remains at the peak for one of our best chef knife under 100. Razor-like sharpness with full tang offers maximum precision & accuracy for the stain-resistant framework. Perfectly engineered, improved hardness & flexibility are guaranteed with the versatile Dalstrong chef knives.  The 8” long blade comes with reasonable knuckle clearance. The exceptional design contains engraved rivet & hand polished spine, allowing to have control over the quality. Manual polishing on the blade comes with superior smoothness & quicker output. Luxury laminated pakkawood grip having black exterior finishing provides great appearance & value. Finger protective bolster with mirror polishing ensures perfect balance while using, even for a longer time. Being triple riveted handle, it gives incredible maneuverability & operating comfort.

  • Precisely forged German steel construction.
  • Great flexibility & hardness through tapered design.
  • A perfect balance between resilience & sharpness.
  • Low maintenance with easy cleanup work.
  • Maximized control having superb maneuverability.
  • Handle mid-portion is slightly rough-surfaced.
  • Heavy scratching over poor maintenance occurs.

7. DALSTRONG Phantom Series Japanese steel chef knife – Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100

Japanese Steel Chef Knife


This masterfully elegant kitchen helper has kiritsuke shape, straightened edge & sword-like front. The stunning 9.5” blade comes with effectiveness that permits excel while pushed cutting. This Dalstrong product is more like a sushi knife. The singly beveled sharpened blade has 13 – 15-degree craftsmanship for enhanced quality. With Japanese AUS – 8 steel, nitrogen-cooled construction; you will get superior flexibility & hardness combined. Having a high amount of chromium, the Japanese steel chef knives offer great resistance with ultimate edge retention. Hand polished spine with Honbazuke sharpening, the blade ensures aggressive, agile, ruthless & uniform cutting every time. End caps are of quality steel that imparts counter balance & incredible distinction while doing heavier tasks. Premium pakkawood provides strength & beauty, for the comfortable handle. And the handle itself is designed with copper & brass mosaic. Through the traditional Japanese D-shaped handle, it tucks into the hand palm easily.

  • Extreme hardness through the precisely forged blade.
  • Superior resilience with ice-tampered construction.
  • Hand polished spine for comfortable gripping.
  • Staggering 13° – 15° cut with ruthless sharpness.
  • Least surface resistance through blade tapering.
  • Clamshell has poor design & functionality.
  • Blade heel is rather sharp without safety.

8. Tojiro DP Gyutouknife – Simple Chef Knife

Simple Chef Knife


High-level Japanese cut is swift & easy using this versatile stain resistant chef knife. This one by Tojiro has superior construction with sturdy steel, encouraging a solid body for your daily kitchen cuttings. This has traditional Japanese artistry & comes with meticulous detail to assist you in the kitchen. Having a high tech frame, incredible resistance against stain, rust & corrosion prevails for this as the best chef knife under 100 dollars. No doubt, the simple chef knife ensures better durability & strength regarding its value for professional & ordinary level. In fact, cutting-edge technology permits quick & easy sharpening of the blade edge. Through extreme sharpness, it induces maximized cutting efficiency, even for prolonged application. Exceptional performance is guaranteed each time, thanks to the ultimate edge retention ability. The 8.2” blade has both sided edging and therefore, suits right-handed & left-handed users.

  • Traditional & artistic Japanese construction.
  • Supreme strength & durability for a steel body.
  • The edge retention technique induces longevity.
  • Excellent cutting accuracy & blade sharpness.
  • Convenient cleanup with least maintenance.
  • Knife isn’t exactly dishwasher safe.
  • The design of knuckle clearance is poor.

9. J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL chef’s knife – Pro Chef’s Knife



The classic chef knife has 8” long blade which offers effortless & precise cutting output. Whether it’s meat or vegetables, you will have the best cutting performance without trouble. Through the Spanish construction, you can have the utmost effectiveness without any falling off. The blade is made with high carbon German steel for strengthened & quick performance. The satin-finished blading suits professional application with its extreme sharpness. Despite doing heavy tasks for a longer time, the ultimate edge retention covers the sharpness all along. In the meantime, the precise edge technology encourages superior sturdiness for the blade & the body. A seamless transition prevails from the blade to handle & the handle, itself offers incredible comfort & control to the user. Featuring triple-rivet for the pro chef’s knife, the handle induces maximum balance for the entire framework. Being dishwasher safe unlike the others, it allows incredibly quick & easy cleaning for maintenance.

  • German steel construction with sturdiness.
  • Maximized durability through a seamless transition.
  • Strengthened framework for quick performance.
  • Comfortable operation maintaining accuracy.
  • Satin-finished blade offers stain & rust resistance.
  • Constant use reduces edge sharpness rapidly.
  • Placement & sharpness of spine isn’t decent.

10. Knendet Chef Knife 8 inches – Best Chef Kitchen Knives Full Tang

Best Chef Kitchen Knives


Through high-carbon German steel, this is the best knife set under 100 Dollars from Knendet comes with impressive durability & strength. In fact, it is a multi-functional knife with incredible accuracy & edge retention. Apart from the common uses, you can go for culinary, cleaver & paring purposes without a doubt. The 8” stainless steel practically retains great sharpness & therefore, higher cutting efficiency. Containing a higher amount of carbon than conventional ones, it has a better resistance against dull, corrosion & stain. Overall constructability & well-balanced make it a perfect gear for long time use. Using the unique grinding method, the knife retains its sharpness with further resilience. Being a full tang unit, the lightweight construction is highly suitable for home or commercial applications. Featuring easy grip military grade handle with G10, the best chef kitchen knife full tang sits well inside the palm with utmost comfort. Avoiding deformation, cracking, molding or bacterial growth, the handle lasts much longer than its counterpart materials.

  • German steel body for practical application.
  • Superior accuracy for quick & heavy cutting.
  • Greater resistance to rust, stain & corrosion.
  • Highly suitable for professional or ordinary users.
  • Extreme sharpness with better resilience.
  • Only hand washing is possible.
  • Knife spine has no safeguarding.

11. Paudin 8 inch chef knife- The allrounder

Paudin 8 inch chef knife


This is one the best chef knife under 100 dollars from Paudin. This excellent looking chef knife is perfect for any home or restaurant kitchen.

This ideal chef knife’s blade is 2mm thick, which is perfect for chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing fruits, vegetables and also cutting any fish or meat. 

German stainless steel with 58 Rockwell hardness, has been used in this knife to make it razor sharp, which comes with a 15 degree angle edge. The blade is hand polished by highly experienced craftsmen to ensure long-lasting sharpness.

Have a look at the shape and design of it’s handle! The handle is nicly finished and smoothly polished. So the knife is very comfortable to hold and perfect for any hand’s grip. 

For perfect balance between the nice handle and the thin blade, you get the easy movement of blade to get a perfect slice. 

No matter if you are a new cook or a professional  chef, this Puadin 8 inch chef knife is perfect for any kind of cutting in the kitchen. It is the true all rounder chef or kitchen knife in one word best cooking knife set for your kitchen.

  • Super thin blade with 2 mm thickness.
  • Perfect size (8 inch) for any kind of cutting or slicing.
  • Perfectly designed for comfort and efficiency.
  • Comes with a beautiful box.
  • Made of German stainless steel with 58 Rockwell hardness
  • Hand polished blade3 with highly experienced craftsmen.
  1. You may face gripping problem if oil or meat fat is intouch with your hand while using this knife.
  2. Not a real Damascus steel 

12. SHIRKHAN 8 Inch Japanese Damascus Gyuto Chef Knife–in affordable price

SHIRKHAN 8 Inch Japanese Damascus Gyuto Chef Knife
SHIRKHAN 8 Inch Japanese Damascus Gyuto Chef Knife


This beautiful 8 inch chef knife is manufactured with high carbon 10Cr15CoMoV stainless steel with a nice ebony wood handle. 

SHIRKHAN Gyutou Knife is a multifunctional knife, you can cut, dice, slice and chop vegetables & fruits, you can also cut meat off bones. You can also use it as a boning knife for chicken and fish.

This knife’s high carbon stainless steel blade contains 0.6-0.75 carbon which makes it two times harder than the other knives of its class. It also contains 15-18% chrome materials, which makes the blade highly resistant against rust.

Premium ebony wood made handle is very comfortable, strong and stable. 

This japanese steel blade is very sharp to give you the best cut, and it’s sharpness remains the same even after tough tasks like cutting tough meat or removing fleas from bones.

  • High-carbon stainless steel blade.
  • Comfortable and strong ebony wood handle.
  • Comes with beautiful packaging. 
  • Do Not rust or tarnish easily for it’s chrome- finishing. 
  • Easy cleaning with water and mild soap.
  • Not suitable for slicing frozen foods
  • Using in hot flame may cause permanent dullness. 

13. Aroma house chef knife with knife sharpener and gift box

Aroma house chef knife


This full tang, double edged chef knife is a great choice for any cook, no meter he is left handed or right handed, as it cuts in the same way for both. The 15 degree blade edge on both sides is very rare in this class of chef knives. 

This knife’s razor sharp blade is made of german X50crMov15 stainless steel. As for the high carbon stainless steel is anti corrosion and anti rusty.

The handle is made of pakka wood and is very nicely designed to provide superior  comfort and non slip grip to avoid any fatigue, finger numbness or aches. 

Aroma house chef knife is a multi-functional knife, you can use it to cut, slice, chop any vegetable, fruit, meat and cheese. This knife comes with an elegant gift box and a beautiful knife sharpener. So it can be a very nice gift to a new chef or your husband, wife, parents or any other who loves cooking.

The best thing about the Aroma house chef knife is its lifetime warranty and return policy. If you are not satisfied with this product you will get a full refund or replacement from the company. 

  • Full tang knife.
  • German stainless steel blade
  • 15 degree edge angle at each side of the blade
  • Perfect for both left handed and right handed person
  • Comes in elegant gift box
  • Free knife sharpener
  • Lifetime replacement or refund warranty
  • Ergonomic pakka wood handle
  • Not dishwasher safe for cleaning

14. Victorinox Fibrox Pro- Top rated swiss chef knife


Victorinox Fibrox Pro


A straight edge swiss chef knife for multipurpose kitchen task. This knife is perfectly designed to handle any kitchen task- big or small. Its’ razor sharp stainless steel blade effortlessly chops, minces, slices and dices vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. 

The 7.9 inch blade is leaser tested to ensure its razor sharpness. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) made handle has a nice balance with the extra wide blade. The handle is also spatially designed to be a non-slip grip even when wet. 

  • Leaser tested stainless steel blade
  • Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) made handle is textured for a secure and non slip grip
  • Dish washer safe

A straight edged knife

  • Little bit heavy knife

15. Utopia Kitchen – low price and  Good Quality Chef Knife

Utopia Kitchen chef knife


Utopia kitchen chef knife is a 8 inch stainless steel made knife. This knife can be used for multipurpose kitchen tasks. It cuts through legumes, fruits,meat, bread and baked goods very smoothly.  This stainless steel knife is rust free and tarnish free. 

The ABS handle ensures easy grip and hassle free maneuvering. This knife is dishwasher safe but hand wash is recommended to retain the best quality of the blade. 

  • Comes in a very low price
  • ABS handle designed for strong and hasslefree grip
  • High quality stainless steel blade
  • Rust and tarnish free blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not a full tang knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the best chef knife under $100?

Considering the construction, features, functionality & price – Sagler chef knife 8” holds the best position. And if you want a complete set – then Wanbasion chef knife seems the best for the price.

Q: Which knife size is perfect for the home kitchen?

For the home cook, both Sagler, Newild&Imarku knives offer the best performance. The others hold suitable all well in terms of functionality.

Q: Why bolster bluff is important?

Bolster bluff holds the grip against sliding to the sharpened back edge. With a full tang, it also maintains the holding balance.

Q: What’s the best type of steel for a chef knife?

Stainless steel is considered to be the best material. There are carbon & other alloying elements that induce hardness & resistance properties.

Q: What should be done after every cutting step?

After cutting step, check out whether the gripping hand & guiding fingers are in position. Again, look for anything that gets stuck with the blade. If so, take down the stuck from the blade edge using the hand.

Q: When should I sharpen my chef knife?

It actually depends on how much you use the knife and how well you treat your chef knife. In the case of regular home use, sharpening once a week seems okay with proper washing & maintenance. For commercial use, the knife will need more frequent sharpening for sure.

Q: How can I sharpen my chef knife?

You can go for either fine or rough sharpening using water stone, oil stone, medium grits or sand, and even finer grits.

Q: Which tang is recommended?

For regular use, partial tang holds better rather than full tang as it remains exposed to oil & other damaging agents. In the meantime, a full tang provides a significantly stronger cut to perform heavier tasks.

Q: What size chef’s knife should I Purchase?

About a chef knife all that you have to know. Since when you know about a chef’s knife, you will be ready to use it properly. However, the question is what size of a chef knife would it be a good idea for me to utilize?

Maximum professional chefs recommended an 8-inch chef knife for cooking.

According to the advice of professional chefs, an 8-inch chef knife is best for cooking. Since it is very easy to use and it can deal with everything from vegetables to frozen meat.

Q: What should I do know before buying a chef’s knife?

There are a few features you need to consider when you want to buy the best budget chef knife for the kitchen. Especially the comfort elements of the blade and handle are the most important features in having an ideal chef knife.

But size is also an important factor for new cooks. Yet, if you choose a dishwasher protected chef knife, you can clean your knife more easily. I hope now you know what you should consider before buying a chef knife?

Final Verdict

It is not an easy task to make a choice without knowing the configuration. That’s what we tried to do here. Covering the attenuating details, you will get deep down with each of the enlisted ones. Obviously, there’s a lot more insight to go with the best chef knife under 100. But with ours, you should find the ultimate gear for your kitchen work by now. Quality assurance, superior versatility & incredible ergonomics are accompanied for each of your picks. And the guidance will help you to narrow down your preferred ones in the store for a more convenient choice.


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