5 Best Sharpening Stones of 2024

When the edges of your knife/cutting tool get dull, the first thing you’d look for regain the sharpness is sharpening stones. Being small, effective & affordable, these stones offer satisfactory refining of the blunt edges.

Going to the market, you are likely to get lost among the number of available options to pick the best sharpening stone. To make the search easy for you, we enlisted the best 5 stones you can use to do the sharpening in the most effective way.

Let’s take a quick look at the comparison of our top picks right below.

Comparison Table – Best Sharpening Stones

Product Weight Siding Honeycomb Surface Foldable Special Feature
DMD 400/600 Grit Pocket Knife Sharpener 2.19 oz

(1-piece set)


[400, 600]
Yes Yes Titanium Plating
DRAGONITE Knife Sharpening Stone Set 3.5 lbs

(2-piece set)

Double Yes No Corundum Body
Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Set 4.4 lbs

(6-piece set)


[400/1000, 3000/8000]
Yes No Rubber Base
Genuine Arkansas Pocket Knife Sharpening Stone 1.6 oz

(1-piece set)


Single N/A No Leather Pouch
Ceramic Water Stone 1.98 lbs

(1-piece set)


No No Dressing Stone

5 Best Sharpening Stones

DMD 400/600 Grit Pocket Knife Sharpener – Top-Quality Sharpening Stone

BonyTek 400/600 Grit Pocket Knife Sharpener


Being small & ultra-thin, the double-sided diamond stones can give efficient sharpening, polish. The titanium-plated stone induces maximum balance & stability while sharpening your gear. The top-quality sharpening stone contains 600 grit for fine honing & 400 grit for coarse sharpening which is compatible with most of the common knives. Featuring black stripes for the ABS handle, the grip offers anti-skid performance. The fan-shaped construction permits a comfortable folding to protect the stones from damage. Combining concave & convex design, the ABS black handle prevents possible dislocation & finger folding. Having honeycomb surface, incredibly faster output prevails without compromising the sharpness.

  • Small but efficient double-sided body
  • Titanium plating for fan-shaped stones
  • No skid/slip with ABS plastic handle
  • Easy, fast through honeycomb surface
  • Foldable design ensures protection
  • Slight difficulty due to small size
  • No suitable for all knife types

DRAGONITE Knife Sharpening Stone Set– Premium Sharpening Stone

DRAGONITE Knife Sharpening Stone Set
DRAGONITE Knife Sharpening Stone Set


This Sharpening Stone set includes two double-sided sharpening stones features 4 grits 400/1000/3000/8000 to fulfill all the sharpening needs at once. Apart from the flattening stone, sharpening angle guide, storage box & carrying case, the Bamboo holds 2 double-sided stones. Professional honing with corundum construction induces maximum perfection & consistency.  No oil is necessary but with water, the functionality gets better while easing the cleanup. The long-lasting premium sharpening stones hold suitable for different types of knives, providing an ax-like sharpness. Being a complete set, you can enjoy the maximum sharpening of your gears. The system can deliver efficient performance even for the longest indoor knives easily.

  • Superb durability with corundum body
  • 2 specific double-sided sharpening stones
  • Enhancement of functionality with water
  • Professional honing & consistent output
  • Quite suitable for different types of knives
  • Need further requirement of fine-tuning
  • Included flattening stone is small

Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Set – Knife Sharpening Stone

best sharpening stone


Being a 6-piece set, you can get the professional sharpening for the knives in home & outside. There come 2 double-sided sharpeners where 3000/8000 grit stone provides the polish & 400/100-grit knife stone raises the burr. The set also includes a bamboo holder with a pair of the non-slip rubberized base. Using the tools, maximum sharpening even for the bluntest knife is possible. Optimum balance & stability without risky slips occur no more. Flawless flattening of dull edges is retained for action within minutes of refining. The knife sharpening stone set is pretty sturdy that holds suitable for beginners & intermediate users quite well.

  • Razor sharpness for blunt edges
  • Precise & perfect polishing finish
  • Least slipping risk with rubber base
  • Incredibly flawless output in minutes
  • Water stones ensure great refining
  • Frequent cleaning is necessary
  • Effective result needs technical use

Genuine Arkansas Pocket Knife Sharpening Stone – Good Sharpening Stone



Formerly used to sharpen scalpels & dental tools earned its household name of Surgical. With classic style, it holds perfect for discerning woodworkers, chefs & sportsmen. The surgical quality can create less tear for a variety of instruments. Being the hardest Arkansas stone, you will get maximum sharpness for knife & tool edges. Despite having a variable color appearance, the honing is able to introduce a polished edge. Featuring 4 specified grades, there come suitably dense particles to produce a finer edge. With light mineral honing oil, the overall functionality gets incredibly better. The good sharpening stone simply prevents possible clogging of pores located on the stones.

  • Extreme hardness of Arkansas stones
  • Polished honing for optimum sharpness
  • Grade designation scales soft to hard
  • Further efficiency with mineral honing oil
  • Leather pouch for storage & protection
  • Difficult to sharpen longer blades
  • Only suitable for basic sharpening

Ceramic Water Stone – Top-Level Sharpening Stone



Specifically designed for medium grinding, the Japanese stone remains mounted on a stable base. Being a premium import, the stone initiates maximum precision, quickness & polishing for different types of cutlery. The construction primarily offers a rapid sharpening of common steel knife edges. Actually developed for sword polishing, the ultra sharpness holds great for blue steel, high-alloy steel & stainless steel. The 1000-grit top-level sharpening stone comes with a high-quality level, being suitable for industrial/commercial & home use. Offering slight elasticity, you will get the natural feel of knife sharpening with enhanced safety. Water lubrication initiates further enhancement for the cutting-edge technology regarding sharpness & cleanups.

  • Outstanding construction quality
  • 1000 grit suits medium grinding
  • Further safety through elasticity
  • Included instruction for careful use
  • Ultimate sharpness for steel edge
  • Slight slip/skid may take place
  • Not suitable for specific material

Final Verdict

With lots of models, there come many differences in features, styles & efficiency. With the aforementioned ones, you can attain a small gear to make quick refining of edges at home or outside. Each of the best sharpening stones has its reason to become your ultimate choice. Optimum sharpness within minutes is guaranteed against a considerably cheap investment.

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